Wallpaper Vs WallPaint


Are you gonna construct a new house?
Plan to remodel your office interiors?
Bored with your interior design?
If “yes” to any of the above then you have come to the right space to discuss on the current trends in Bangalore.

Wallpaper Vs WallPaint?

While the debates on Wallpaper vs Wall Paint solutions has been raging on for quite a few decades in the city of Bangalore now, there has been a slow but steady paradigm shift towards wallpapers/wallcoverings over paint-based solutions in metro cities given their increasing popularity for varied design options and ease of maintenance.

Still spending on painting your house?

Paint do offer a varied palette of different hues, easily available labourwhile wallpapers & wallcoverings offer a wide collection of patterns, textures and styles. Given that wallcoverings are an easy way to enhance the look of a space without putting a dent in one’s pocket, it is the easiest and most cost-effective means for an interior upgrade. They also offer an effective & economical way to hide any imperfections in your walls and tend to brighten up even the dullest nook and corner of your house.


A cleverly-chosen pattern can really create the illusion of space in a small enclosed room. For example – Stripes can make all the difference and give the illusion of extra height and width too. Opt for a chic hotel look by using wallpaper behind your bed, or use it on the headboard of your bed to make a statement.

There are options galore and we just need to let the creative juices flowing to let our ideas come alive. In a hyper-metro city like Bangalore, interior designers will vouch for the versatility and convenience of using wallpaper designs for walls for home décor.In fact, many home & establishment owners especially in areas around Bangalore and nearby areas belonging to varied socio-economic classes have been quick to adopt and are now opting for wallcoverings for their home/hotel walls, rather than paint-based options.

You think getting a good choice of Wallpapers is difficult?
Given the variety of wallpapers available, the next common question on everyone’s mind is: Where do I get good wallpapers or wall coverings within Bangalore city? How do I apply them? One of the prominent places – Bannerghatta area of Bangalore city is well known for its varied collection of wallpapers/coverings in the market.

Collections & Availability
With its collections & types of wallpapers or wallcoverings ranging across floral, geometric, botanical, damask, mural wallpapers, 3d wallpapers, synthetic paint-on wallpapers, custom design wallcoverings – you name any type and the wallpaper market in Bannerghatta is equipped to handle your demands. In fact, the wallpaper company & shops in Bannerghatta is well known down south for some of the best wallpaper designs & types.

The 3d wallpapers are quite popular as well as their mural ones. Custom wallcoverings are their specialty with options to paint wallpapers as per the customer choice. Wallcoverings also come in so many different types of natural finishes like silk, cane and jute alongside washable types of vinyl and heavy-duty fabric backed coverings. An elegant motif design or damask wallpaper in deep shades for the living room, geometric patterns work well in the dining room and kitchen, bold floral or mural designs in the bedroom, faux natural textured wallpaper like the stone or marble for the bathroom and pick anything from Dora the Explorer to Jungle Book two princesses and castles for your kids bedroom – pick all in one place from your nearest & best wallpaper companies & showrooms in Bannerghatta, right here in Bangalore.

Thus, we see that the options are endless and they have been increasing over the years so much so that consumers are spoilt with beyond their comprehension within a given price range.